Couples Massage Classes

 Massage Techniques for Partner De-stressing

couples massage foot massageWith the accumulation of stress seeping into our work & home life, couples need quality time to nurture each other, when they retreat to their home. Most of us look forward to the satisfaction of being listened to by our partner at the end of the day….. But have you thought of other ways that go beyond that paradigm of touching base with each other in ways that are attentive ?

  • Have you thought of non  verbal ways of touching base through the comfort of regenerating touch?
  • Have you considered the simplicity of an effective scalp & neck massage to reconnect your mind back to your body? That can make a world of difference if you sit in front of a computer all day. Consider some couples massage classes.
  • For other couples, it may be having your feet rubbed on the couch as you are zoning out with TV after dinner or a snack.
  • Literally 15 minutes of effective bodywork can recharge your partner, no matter how wired or spent they are.
  • If the intention is there to support your partner in unwinding, it may be as simple as working their neck, shoulders & scalp skillfully with some potent acupressure. That means knowing exactly where to apply pressure & that requires some specialized tutoring from a seasoned pro.
  • Sometimes both of you may be bushed & have little to nurture the other with at the end of a demanding day. That’s when the lazy man’s approach to Oriental massage with walking on your partner’s feet would be another option. Just 5 minutes of applying pressure to the feet can rejuvenate you.
  • Some evenings you may solely work on one of you with decompression time. Your partner might give you a mini massage session ( about 15 mins of therapeutic time) to the shoulders, scalp and neck. Consider my couples massage class to learn to give effective destressing massage.

couples massage head

It is not uncommon for couples who learn to massage each other to set up a Friday night or weekend time that each looks forward to getting some TLC hands on time devoted to them solely.

Giving & receiving weekly destressing massage  has other advantages:

  • It may decompress your mate enough that they may seek more nourishing, recreational activities with you! Letting go of an overactive mind can do wonders to improve your sexual life!
  • It’s a healthy alternative to getting tipsy with hang over effects, participating in happy hour ritual with friends to mark your weekend time.
  • It’s supportive of your weekend entertainment budget of frequenting expensive nights out with dinner & movie for two.
  • The destressing skills learned can knock out most people to get deeper regenerative sleep. By working with Kris through a customized couples massage class will you learn these health secrets she’s taught thousands.
  • Why pay a massage therapist to clear out your weekly stress, when someone you love & are far more personal with can do ?
  • Couples massage classes are a personal & very customized gift for your anniversary, valentine’s day, a birthday, mother or father’s day & even a graduation present. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for many years.

couples massage handIf this resonates with you and your partner, consider calling or texting  me for  customized couples massages classes.  I’ve received hundreds of calls over the years with a diverse number of needs for cultivating more nurturing time into your most personal relationship. I will take the time to answer your questions

How Can I Destress from A Demanding Work Week?

  • You’ll learn exactly where to apply pressure to areas that encourage your partner’s brain to decompress. I’ve coined this famous treatment the Happy Hour Lobotomy! This is a specialized skill only Kris teaches through her couples massage classes
  • You’ll learn how to compress the nervous system & take you into deeper restorative
  • You may learn a multitude of helpful remedies for your personal health from Kris, who is a seasoned acupuncturist & 35 year seasoned massage therapist. Headache clearing, nipping a cold coming on, arthritic pain, nutritional advice for many health challenges.