Couples Massage, an Overpriced New Fad!

Couples Massage: An Overpriced New Fad!

National and local massage franchise businesses and spas have been getting on the band wagon promoting the couples massage option as a hot new luxury service, charging  couples $100 -$180 an hour. You, the consumer conjure up the fantasy of having your lover receive a pampered massage treatment at the same time that you are….. What a double header!!!!

No need for your partner being envious of you getting the deluxe massage treatment as they sit on the sidelines feeling deprived. Everyone gets taken care of in this luxury side by side couples massage as two massage therapists are pampering you both! 

They would like you to believe you are blissed out with this fulfilling fantasy massage…… but does it really deliver for the high prices you pay?

What you don’t know, (that I know as an insider), about this luxury service is that the couples massage treatments are for the most part (80-90%) done by entry level massage therapists with 1-3 yrs experience. It’s the franchised massage corporations & spas throughout the country that hire entry level massage therapists to do this work at $18-$25 an hour, while you pay the pampered price of $100-$180. You’ll rarely find seasoned massage therapists working in these corporate spas, because they pay the lowest level wages in the massage industry.

I wish to pop that fantasy bubble of the ideal couples massage treatment. It is an all too expensive illusion fabricated, that results in you, the massage consumer, pay for dearly and don’t get a lot in return.

Having been in the massage world professionally for 37 years and directing two massage schools for another 25 years, I trained hundreds of neophyte massage therapists to make their vocation in the health care field.  When you are fresh out of massage school or moving into your 3rd year of practicing, you will find most therapists hired to do couples massage to be limited in their repertoire of massage styles.

You the consumer will commonly be offered the standard Swedish massage, possibly some deep tissue & if you shop around….. Maybe a couple others massage styles. More seasoned massage therapists of 7 to 30 years’ experience have far more massage styles to offer & clinical know how to clear deeper accumulated tension patterns that you don’t get with the well lubricated fluff & buff rub down with your neophyte massage therapist.

Even though you as health consumers may love the fantasy world of being doubly spoiled in receiving your couples massage, you are paying over inflated prices for this entry level bodywork.

I think I’m somewhat  jaded with the ABC’s of integrating Swedish massage being over utilized by unseasoned massage therapists doing couples massage …….  basically a “feel good massage” that is comforting at the time you receive it but it does not have much longevity in the after effects of the couples massage treatment. There is so much out there that is better quality massage treatments beyond the basic intro massage but few consumers are educated to being more discerning of other styles of massage.

Couples massage Seattle Kris ShawIf you are new to the wonderful nurturing world of massage therapy and you don’t know much about the dozens of massage styles that affect the body & mind, take a moment to visit this link to get more consumer savvy! Massage Styles

Consider taking a Couples Massage Class with me in the near future that will teach you couple massage skills to nurture your relationship with your partner.


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