Couples Massage

Couples Massage

De-stress from Work. Bring Massage into your Home!

Couples Massage Seattle young_ couples_massageIf you and your partner are keen on supporting each other to decompress from the demands of a heavy work day, consider taking an evening or a weekend class to take couples massage into your home. Kris would love to be your personalized guide in empowering you and your partner to be more comfortable giving and receiving a variety of massage styles.

The skills gained from the couples massage classes can become part of your rest & relaxation routine for de-stressing yourself or your partner in the comfort of your home. This gift is truly transformational and will provide you both the longevity of a gift that keeps on giving!

Kris has more than 30 years of experience teaching massage professional and amateurs to feel more comfortable integrating the many attributes of massage into their decompression time at home. She has worked with dozens of couples teaching couples massage in the Seattle area, over the 12 years she has resided here. Because Kris is a seasoned and versatile teacher, you will accelerate in your learning process.

Here’s what you can expect from your couples massage time:

  • Couples Massage Seattle senior_couple_ massage_shoulderBoth you and your partner will be provided with lots of hands on practice.
  • You’ll learn massage techniques known only to the massage professional pros.
  • You’ll gain versatility working from a chair, your bed or on a carpeted floor. You don’t necessarily need to invest in a massage table.
  • You’ll receive lots of encouragement as you find your way with integrating many of the massage techniques learned.
  • You’ll be provided class notes so that you can focus all your attention with what you are learning from the instructor or your partner.
  • Save a lot of money with do it yourself couples massage that you continue offering your partner & friends for many years to come.
  • You’ll gain confidence & awareness about body mechanics to avoid fatigue.
  • You’ll learn to do bodywork depending not only on your hands but make adaptions using your thumbs, fists, elbows…..even your feet and knees, if you so choose to. For women, this is important with learning to work with men, who have more muscular mass.
  • To get in deep enough & make a difference working on most men, women have to utilize sustained strength and leverage working on their mates. And that’s easy to do with Oriental styles of bodywork. It requires far less energy & effort than Swedish style massage.
  • You’ll be integrating some of the most effective styles of massage & bodywork for decompressing. Count on Kris for customizing massage styles that are a good fit for you and your partner. Some you will gravitate to more than others.
  • For the couples massage class, you’ll have the option of being disrobed with adequate draping or you can be fully clothed. Oriental bodywork requires little disrobing, if you feel more comfortable with that. Kris recommends that you come to the couples massage session with loose fitting clothing to start… such as sweats, yoga attire & tops, boxer shorts, a bathing suit.

*Please keep in mind: This article on couples massage is not an advertisement for sexual or erotica style massage. This is a class to learn massage skills to use with your partner on a weekly basis.

After decades of teaching couples massage, Kris has been witness to the life enhancing benefits of couples making skillful massage a part of their weekly caring behaviors. She’s seen the perks of these tangible hands on bonding skills reduce conflict & open up more compassion and receptivity between couples.

Customized couples massage tutoring are available to straight & gay couples at Kris’s spacious & attractive clinics located in NE Seattle or West Seattle.

Couples Massage classes are a way of learning with your partner one on one with the massage instructor. Most couples work with Kris for 3 to 4 hours to integrate a number of areas of their body that they have chronic tension patterns with. Both partners get to practice customized massage techniques on one another.

Couples massage classes are available weekends and some evenings.
The cost per hour is $85. If you have questions about the process of how couples massage works, please call Kris. She will help you hone in your desire to support your partner in a personal, tangible way.

Locations for Couples Massage Classes:

NE Seattle: 3412 NE 115th St, Seattle, WA 98125

West Seattle clinic: 5902 California Ave SW, WA 98136

Call or text for appointments 206-370-2600