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Making This Gift a Reality

Customized couples massage classes are available to straight and gay couples at Kris’s spacious and attractive clinic.

couples massage_womanFor many couples, dedicating a weeknight or a leisurely weekend day is all that is required of your time. You’ll need a cooperative partner who is open to learning new ways of connecting. You will be provided with notes to assist you at home to apply what you learn in your tutoring sessions.

Your questions & curiosity are welcome and will aide you in putting together your personalized gift for you and your mate.

Private instruction with Kris available in 3 or 4 hour blocks of time.

~3 hour package is $255
~4 hour package  is $340

Call to arrange your appointment

cranialsacral couples massageA deposit check for $150 in advance will secure your  gift & scheduled time with therapist, Kris.  The remainder owning is to be paid at the time of the class.  You will be sent a beautiful card to share with your partner, as your gift, at the time of their special occasion. That may be for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or anniversary!

Some couples surprise their loved one with showing up for the class impromptu!  Others want to educate their partner about what to expect & what areas of their body & mind that they may want relief for. What ever your style is for sharing something precious & special, these tutoring  sessions are greatly appreciated by your partner. It is your legacy to carry on what you learn in the tutoring sessions, into your home in caring for each other.