New to Massage?

Are you new to massage?

How can I de-stress from a demanding work day?

tension-headacheEach of us chronically accumulates layers of tension in specific favored regions of our body, be it the temples, scalp & eye area. For others, it’s the classic places of the neck & shoulders, while still others feel these residues in their low back or feet.  You’ll learn exactly where to apply pressure to strategic areas that encourage your partner’s brain to decompress, to aid in unwinding one to go to sleep or to clear out a tension headache.  

headachesKris has coined this scalp & neck specialty treatment: The Happy Hour Lobotomy!!! It’s one of her all time requested favorites! Connecting our overactive minds back to the energetics of our bodies can do wonders to make us more human!

If you are not acquainted with the broad spectrum of Oriental or American styles of bodywork, visit for information on different types of massage.

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