Rich W, West Seattle 9/2015

Kris Shaw has been instrumental in my healing journey and I have been very impressed with her skill and ability.  I have been a patient for over a year now, and I can truly say that she has made me a believer of her treatment plans and advice.

I originally sought treatment for a condition not normally treated by acupuncture or medical massage.  Kris relied on her years of experience and her uncanny awareness of energy and balance to locate and treat pain centers.  After a few sessions, movement increased, pain was decreased and she also taught me strategies to enhance my recovery.

Originally a skeptic, I was thoroughly won over by her talent and results.  I highly recommend Kris for anyone who has used acupuncture and medical massage and NOT received the results they expected.  She delivers.  I also recommend Kris for first time users.  She treated my husband with acupuncture for the first time, and now he is hooked.  She is aware, knowledgeable and fun to work with!

Rich W, West Seattle      9/2015

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